Night cocktail – PR–Evolution Dance Company

2023. July 7.
2023. July 7.


3 200 Ft


National Dance theater
Sanzon evening and dance theater

The latest performance of PR-Evolution promises a relaxed evening entertainment that will uplift and entertain, leaving the audience inspired to write poetry, buy flowers for their loved ones, indulge in romance under the moonlight by the Danube river or in the Millenáris Park.

The melodic and enchanting world of chansons surrounds and captivates our characters, and even our audience, enticing them to dance along. The main thread of the story revolves around love, but it is also filled with seduction, jealousy, and a series of misunderstandings. These create many troubles along the way, but there’s no need to worry: all is well when it ends well, and of course, a happy ending is guaranteed.

We embark on a journey into the realm of imagination, where various moods unfold from the situations and the story. Throughout the evening, we visit numerous different locations, some of which may be familiar to the audience: if not from elsewhere, then from their dreams or their beloved films watched over and over again. Various chansons form the basis of the performance, which, like a puzzle, is built from smaller episodes that come together to form a cohesive, overarching narrative. Incorporating Vian chansons, as well as songs by Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf, the show creates a refined, romantic, café-like atmosphere. Alongside the chansons, the works of Hungarian writers and poets also make appearances during the performance, such as Jenő Rejtő, Frigyes Karinthy, Endre Fejes, Lőrinc Szabó, and other exciting creators, whose writings inspire the songs arranged by Mester Dávid, who also conducts them.


Song: Czigány Judit és Reider Péter
Dance: Rudisch Boglárka, Sinka Lídia, Saioa Poblador Gyugos Dominik, Perjési Patrick, Szabó Áron

Costume: Nemes Nóra
Dramaturg: Fabacsovics Lili
Music editor and pianist: Mester Dávid
Clarinet and Sax: Kurucz Levente
Violinist: Kiss-Varga Roberta Izabella
Drummer: Standovár Mátyás
Production assistant: Birtalan Krisztina
Choreographer: Nemes Zsófia

The performance will be presented at the National Dance Theatre as a collaborative program.



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