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The history of Millenáris goes back to the distant past. Originally founded by Ábrahám Ganz in the area of Pesti Hengermalom in the last century, the iron foundry later developed into the internationally renowned Ganz Villamossági Művek, which became a significant unit in Hungarian industrial history.

On the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the founding of the state, the former prominent industrial facility of Bel-Buda, the Lövőház Street site of Ganz Villamossági Művek, has been transformed into a cultural and educational center that showcases historical and contemporary innovations in Hungarian engineering and scientific life. It functions as a community space and intellectual hub.

Through engineering and creativity, an exceptional and since unparalleled artwork has been created. Millenáris Park is a nearly six-hectare park and cultural space in the Hungarian capital, showcasing the significant multifunctional, cultural, and lifestyle values of Budapest and Europe. It is suitable for public and business events and serves as a venue for a wide range of activities.

In 2002, the architectural design of Millenáris Park, which involved the revitalization of the historic factory halls, received the Europa Nostra Award. Additionally, at the XXIII Hungarian Real Estate Development Excellence Awards, Millenáris Széllkapu Park was honored with the Special Prize of the Hungarian Urban Planning Association and also won the 1st prize in the Landscape Architecture category.



On February 15th, the new building of the National Dance Theatre opened its doors. The approximately 7,000 square meter theater is located in Building E of Millenáris Park, in the former industrial hall of the Ganz Művek. It is a unique cultural venue in Budapest, featuring state-of-the-art theater technology and showcasing exceptional architectural solutions. The building was designed by ZDA – Zoboki Építésziroda. Two theater halls and a chamber hall await dance enthusiasts, while rehearsal rooms support the training of professional dancers. The foyer of the building has been transformed into a communal space open to park visitors, further integrating Millenáris into the vibrant life of the capital.


A Széllkapu Park every day between 6:00 and 22:00. This can vary depending on certain events..


Bringing animals into Millenáris is prohibited. The only exception being certified helper animals.


The park has 3 bicycle storage areas, additionally 2 bubi stations and electric charging stations for 12 bikes at a time.


In Széllkapu park, just like the entirety of Millenáris park, barrier-free transport is accounted for.


The walkways of Széllkapu Parkban coalesce into three mushroom-shaped buildings, on top of which are spectacularly designed solar panels that are not only produce energy, but also shelter visitors from the sun. Alongside its ample recreational areas, one of the pride of the Park is the suspended garden, which can be accessed via a panoramic elevator. From this elevated level, visitors can enjoy views towards Margit körút, the Castle District, and the Buda Hills.



The Millenáris Alapítvány is a foundation based in Budapest who supports cultural and artistic activities. Their goal is to facilitate organizations, artists and creators working in the field of culture, art and innovation.

The Millenáris Alapítvány was established in 1996 and operates the Millenáris Park, a cultural center and park located in downtown Budapest. The buildings within the park host a wide range of cultural and artistic events, including exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, and film screenings.

The foundation supports a variety of projects, including cultural events, art festivals, exhibitions, and artistic programs. Additionally, they provide support for emerging and talented artists, creators, and creative projects.

For many years, the Millenáris Foundation has played a significant role in the Hungarian cultural and artistic scene, contributing to the enrichment of the city’s cultural diversity and vibrant life..


We are pleased to introduce our partners who contribute to the success of our activities and support our operations. These partners, companies, and organizations provide valuable support that allows us to continue our cultural and artistic mission and implement our wide range of programs.

Among our partners, we have cultural institutions, artistic organizations, and outstanding artists who collaborate with us to enrich our events and programs. We are grateful to our partners who enable us to offer diverse art exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, and other cultural events to our visitors.

Our business partners also play a crucial role in our work. They help finance our projects and programs, and their support contributes to our ability to continue our activities in the field of culture and art. Their support is essential in maintaining our cultural center and delivering high-quality events that we offer.

Our collaborations are characterized by close partnerships, and we take pride in working together with our partners to promote and develop culture. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who support and assist us, contributing to our ability to provide exceptional and inspiring experiences for our community.

We are pleased to introduce some of our close partners with whom we have a strong collaboration:

  • Cultural institutions and museums
  • Artistic organisations and foundations
  • Exceptional artists and performers
  • Companies and sponsors

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners for their valuable support and the collaborative work we have done together towards our shared goal. It is our aim to continue nurturing strong relationships with them.

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