It wasn’t us who invented the wheel, but…

• Look inside the human body or try a laparoscope!
• Look around Mars through VR glasses!
• Enjoy the dome projection from outer space!
• Look at Péter Besenyei’s airplane!
• Who are the Diesel Pope and the Sun Queen?
• Has a Hungarian car ever been on the Moon?
• Do you think there is a 200-year-old talking machine?
• How has a Hungarian geologist ended up in the Magic Flute?

Álmok Álmodói 20 (The Dreamers of Dreams 20) – World-changing Hungarians, world-shaping inventions – again after 20 years – a history of science and technology exhibition opened at Millenáris, which, in addition to imparting knowledge and entertainment, also has the definite purpose of commemorating Hungarian thinkers of the past and present.

Thanks to our Senior Wednesday promotion* you can get your ticket for the Álmok Álmodói 20 exhibition with a 10% discount (for HUF 3,140 instead of HUF 3,490) by showing your pensioner’s card at the ticket office every Wednesday throughout the year. The discount also applies to individual and group senior day tickets. You can find more information about our ticket prices here.

In the 6+1 thematic intersection area of the 6,000 m2 interactive exhibition, the inventions of nearly 600 Hungarian geniuses that define our lives today are presented in an experiential, playful way. 150 large displays, vast digital content (animations, slide shows, explanatory short films); 200 special artefacts and more than 30 interactions help to absorb the exhibition.

Our aim is to spread knowledge in an entertaining way that captivates young people and adults alike, through the past, present and future that unfold in front of our eyes at the same time.
The exhibition is open every day of the week and retired groups and communities are allowed to visit us in smaller groups (10-15 people) as well in 15-minute shifts, accompanied by a guide to help them navigate the exhibition. To use a group guide, a prior online appointment is required.

The 6+1 thematic intersection areas are the followings:

Hungarian innovations and engineering giants can be seen in a special car showroom, workshop and design studio, from streamlined design, through the Hungarian “Diesel Pope” to self-driving cars. Drive an Ikarus bus yourself!

From the history of epidemics to nanotechnology, from Semmelweis to Karikó; from medicinal plants to drug research. With the secrets of our body, playful applications showing the functioning and development of the brain. Walk through a 3D printed brain! Try laparoscopic surgery!
Milestones of communication, from Zsigmond Móricz’s typewriter and Farkas Kempelen’s talking machine, through the Hungarian inventions of printing, image recording, and telecommunications to the world of modern IT. Become a radio announcer yourself! Take a look around a TV studio!

From Ányos Jedlik’s electric-fuel carousel, through the Eötvös pendulum and Ottó Bláthy’s electric clock, to the results enabling the utilization of nuclear energy. Do you know how the Segner wheel works?

Tons of Lokomobil appear on a stylized wheat field, from precision agriculture to modern vertical farms. How can we grow salad in the desert?

Science of space
Outstanding Hungarian contributions to mathematics, aeronautics and space exploration and the Bolyai geometry, come to life before our eyes, with a VR (virtual reality) experience and 360-degree dome projection. Take a walk on Mars!

Spirit of place / Knowledge base

The history of the Ganz factory and its impact on Bel-Buda. The figure of the “greatest Hungarian”, István Széchenyi, evoked with multimedia tools, as an influencer: his reform aspirations, his will to do, his economic and intellectual achievements. Scientific hall of fame and knowledge repository: a giant LED wall with photos of the scientists appearing in the exhibition, with search and filtering options according to fields of science and awards. What did they discover, when did they live, what can you learn about them?

  • The discount can be used on site by presenting a pensioner’s ID card. Cannot be combined with other discounts.