Millenáris, Building 'B'

World-renowned Hungarian inventions

Science without man is only a mystery. Science is both vast and small, both mysterious and often quite ordinary. It is all around us, shaping our world, the fantastic common denominator of the different peoples of mankind.

quote “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.” Albert Szent-Győrgyi

Curious explorers who set foot on new lands, engineers who realised their ideas, scientists who delved into the mysteries of the universe. They showed the world what only they had seen before, or dreamed possible.

The exhibition presents exciting, ground-breaking inventions, twists and turns, miraculous coincidences, seemingly impossible ideas, and unexpected discoveries. Outstanding Hungarian scientists, without whom the world would be a different place today.

Scientific innovations turn our lives upside down, redefining and improving them. The discovery of vitamin C by Szent-Györgyi, Semmelweis’s breakthrough in the prevention of childbed fever, Katalin Karikó’s mRNA vaccine, Goldmark’s colour television, Neumann’s computer, Dennis Gabor’s hologram—all have transformed our world and our everyday lives.

But science is also a game: a source of joy and laughter. When we play with a Rubik’s cube, when we watch astronauts perform funny tricks in zero gravity or when computer games or elaborate games of chess entertain us.

Science is fun: fun, wondering at the new.

This is the experience that the Dreamers of Dreams 20 aims to offer its visitors, opening 20 years after the first exhibition, with an entirely new collection of exhibits.

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Space Science

From the twisted solutions of mathematics to the laws of physics and the mysteries of the vastness of space. A diverse and exciting world awaits at this hub. You will enter a unique dimension of Hungarian scientists and discover the great power of thinking outside the box.


Pioneering Hungarian agricultural inventions to secure food supply. The forces of nature have had to be harnessed and tamed in order to produce enough food for a growing population. The outstanding results of theory turned into practice can be seen here.


Milestones of connection and communications; Hungarian inventions that have resulted in breakthroughs affecting our lives. Today, there are almost no limits to the ways we can connect with each other. Here you can learn about how we have arrived at the amazing communication possibilities of today.

Energy & Industry

Industrial innovations from Hungarian inventors, forged from natural forces, to supply masses of people. You will enter a realm of tiny particles and giant creations, where you can marvel at the great works of Hungarian engineers. Power and science at the service of human progress.


Dedicated Hungarian scientists, medical researchers, and their life-saving inventions in the field of medicine and improvement of quality of life. Take a peek into the laboratory, discover the world-famous achievements of Hungarian doctors and exciting events in the history of medicine. Here you will discover inspiring stories of healers of body and soul.


A selection from the treasure chest of sensational achievements of Hungarian engineers and designers. You are entering a salon of vehicles that help us move faster and more easily, besides looking beautiful. Stunning works of Hungarian engineers and designers up close.
Knowledge base Look around

Spirit of the Place


In addition to Hungarian scientists and inventors, the exhibition will also feature “engines of innovation”. The outstanding people who were committed to the cause of science and progress.


The venue of the exhibition, Millenáris, is the site of the former Ganz factories. The cast railway wheel, the invention of Ábrahám Ganz, the former owner and namesake of the factory, represents a major scientific achievement.


At the Spirit of the Place hub, you can gain an insight into the activities of today’s leading Hungarian institutions for research development and innovation, including the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).


Knowledge management and the support of research communities, which the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) has been promoting for 125 years, play a key role in the success of ideas and patents.

Álmok Álmodói 20 – Dreamers of Dreams is an exhibition for people who are curious about the world and who want to shape it themselves one day. For young explorers, for the great scientists of the future, and for adults who delight in diving into serious, world-shaping science as well as fun, entertaining science.

The exhibition’s complex content and varied visual materials are experiential, interactive, educational, and entertaining for all ages.

The short, to the point, often startling information in the exhibition space is complemented by detailed background material—the Knowledge Base. The vast exhibition material is complemented by brief scientific facts, Drops of Knowledge and quirky Science Stories, and visitors can even enjoy a more complete experience with a quiz that can be played through an app.

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